"Make His Praise Glorious"

Psalm 66:2

Our CaliforniaState Youth Choir, orNew America Singers, as they are known internationally, is under the direction of ...   

Ted Campbell

  (Southern California)    

Chris Campbell

  (Central California)   

Who are they?   

We train young leaders who will be world-changers. To the audience, we bring professional-level music, drama, and puppetry, what we call encouragement, entertainment, and inspiration. For the singers, we develop leadership skills, counseling skills, communication skills, an understanding of cultures, and show them how to love and empathize, and how to be a friend. With the broken people we encounter, we share the love of Jesus, and show them how He can help them pick up the pieces and find a fresh start in life. We are proud of our country, and we pray that these new leaders will help build a "New and better America" with God's help.

Who can Participate? 

Any youth with vocal ability aged 14-20 years who desires to use their singing gifts to the glory of God.  All that is required for regular, state side, month to month participation is attendance at rehearsal locations, learning the music, and purchasing the needed outfits.  Please visit the website below to sign up.

Visit their web site at

Please respond on the Contact Us page for more information.