"Make His Praise Glorious"

Psalm 66:2

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California Southern Baptist Convention

Healthy Church Group

Dr. Fermín A. Whittaker, Executive Director

Roger Byrd, Music & Worship Specialist

E-Mail Group for Music Leaders

CA Worship has an email group list to help improve the email communication between church music leaders.  It is open to any CSBC church music leader and easy to self-join and self-leave the group as you desire.  One message to the group address will be distributed to the entire group.  You can use this group to find music that is out of print, or get an idea from another minister of music, or discuss any topic on which you might need help.

To get started, just send a blank (no subject or message) email to this address:

CAWorship-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. (no space) When you recieve the auto-confirmation notice, reply to it and you will be in the group.

I hope you can join us!

If you have trouble joining, write me.

Roger Byrd


Why a Healthy Church Consultation?

A healthy church is one that is able to remain effective by maintaining balance in five areas: worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. Maintaining this balance necessitates that a church exercise a proper amount of risk taking (in order to reach new and different members) and caring for existing members.

Some churches stagnate and become less effective at reaching new and different people resulting in the decline of both members and attendees. Simply stated, a stagnate church is one that is becoming less and less relevant to the very people it was once willing to risk to reach. These stagnate churches are more interested in maintaining a culture where the existing members feel comfortable than they are passionate about fulfilling their purpose. Often, the members in plateaued churches turn their focus inward, on themselves and it is not very long until there is a loss of focus on the purpose of the church. Some churches begin to experience a loss of unity and fellowship disruption. As the focus of a church becomes more and more about meeting the needs of its existing members, and less and less about reaching new and different people, the church eventually moves into its undertaker role.

The Healthy Church Group believes that churches and their leaders should use all means at their disposal to maintain a proper balance. With more than 250 years of ministry experience, the eight specialists of the Healthy Church Group have a proven record of helping churches move toward a more healthy condition.   The Healthy Church Group desires to help your church move confidently toward Gods preferred future. 

Contact the Healthy Church Group through www.csbc.com or the contact us page on this web site.