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E-Mail Group for Music Leaders

CA Worship has an email group list to help improve the email communication between church music leaders.  It is open to any CSBC church music leader and easy to self-join and self-leave the group as you desire.  One message to the group address will be distributed to the entire group.  You can use this group to find music that is out of print, or get an idea from another minister of music, or discuss any topic on which you might need help.

To get started, just send a blank (no subject or message) email to this address: (no space) When you recieve the auto-confirmation notice, reply to it and you will be in the group.

I hope you will join us!

If you have trouble joining, write me.

Roger Byrd

Count the Cost

What is Count the Cost?

  • CTC is a tool and a process that we use to help pastors and church leaders see their current reality and the future as they wish it could be. It will also help them see and prepare for problems or difficulties to avoid in the journey ahead.
  • CTC is a spreadsheet utilizing 9 pieces of information that you provide.  The data is put into the sheet and it calculates many needed actions in order to see your desired future come to reality.
  • CTC is a process of understanding that balance and focus on the right things will bring the desired results in reaching people, developing disciples, and training leaders.

Where can I learn more about it?

  • Dr. Bill Agee’s book “The Predictability Factor” does a good job explaining the foundational principles of Count the Cost. Click Here to find out more.
  • We have a ministry page on the CSBC website that helps explain the process.
  • See and search "Count the Cost"

Is it a difficult process?

  • No, not at all. If you can provide 9 pieces of church information, we can run the CTC for you and then debrief with you about its meaning for your church.
  • I can send the CTC Info form to your email if you wish?

How to get started

  • Count the Cost is provided without fees to any CSBC network church.
  • Other churches can inquire about availability through our Contact Us page.
  • I have an information request document that I can email to you.
  • Just fill it out and mail, or email it back to me. Use our Contact Us page.
  • Or, I can connect you with one of our Church Revitalization Team Consultants.